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Solar Installers in Rhode Island

Our Solar Installers have installed hundreds of Solar Panels in Rhode Island (and across the country). You could have no-money-down Solar Panel Installation, as long as your home is in Rhode Island (and qualifies). To see if your home qualifies, schedule an appointment on our homepage: Rhode Island Solar Panels. Instead of paying the utility company, pay for your solar bill monthly and you could save up to 75%.. every month! It’s a no brainer.

One of our local, trusted professionals will come to your home in Rhode Island and provide you with a full analysis of your Utility Bill. You’ll see exactly what you could save, for free, by switching to solar.

Rhode Island Utility Rates Rising

Your utility rates are going to increase. You can have Solar Panels installed and lock in your rates, for less than you’re paying now, with no out-of-pocket costs. With our Free In-House Analysis, you can see exactly how much you will be paying and you can lock in your rate. A locked in rate means you won’t see the Rhode Island Utility price hikes that your neighbors experience.

Free In-Home Solar Analysis

Schedule an Appointment on our homepage and choose your date/time and we’ll come to your home and show you exactly how much you can save, by installing Solar Panels on your home in Rhode Island. Schedule an Appointment today, we’ll see you soon!

Thank you for visiting Rhode Island Solar Panels.

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