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Understanding Solar Incentives and Financing Options in Rhode Island

We understand the importance of solar incentives and financing options for homeowners and businesses in Rhode Island. In this article, we will delve into the various funding and financing options available for solar PV systems in the state, and provide a comprehensive guide for those looking to switch to clean energy.

Rhode Island Solar Funding and Financing

Rhode Island offers a variety of incentives for residents and businesses looking to install solar PV systems. These include:

  • The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund (RIREF): This program provides grants and rebates to homeowners, businesses, and municipalities for the installation of renewable energy systems, including solar PV.
  • The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Growth Program (REGROW): This program provides incentives for the installation of solar PV systems on commercial and industrial properties.
  • The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund (RIREF) Solar Carve-Out: This program is designed to increase the amount of solar energy generated in Rhode Island and encourages the development of solar PV systems through a variety of incentives and rebates.
  • Net Metering: Rhode Island allows for net metering, which allows homeowners and businesses with solar PV systems to sell excess energy back to the grid at a retail rate.

In addition to state incentives, there are also various financing options available for solar PV systems in Rhode Island. These include:

  • Loans: Homeowners and businesses can apply for loans through organizations such as the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank and the Rhode Island Clean Energy Fund.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): With a PPA, homeowners and businesses can have a solar PV system installed on their property at no upfront cost, and instead purchase the energy generated by the system at a fixed rate.
  • Leases: Similar to PPAs, leases allow homeowners and businesses to have a solar PV system installed on their property at no upfront cost, and pay a monthly lease fee for the system.

Solar Panel Installation in RI

If you’re a Rhode Island homeowner and you’re looking for a way to get no-upfront-cost Solar Panel Installation in Rhode Island, fill out the form on our homepage. Our Solar Experts will then reach out to you to show you exactly how much you can save, every month, by switching to solar.

By switching to solar, you can pay a lower monthly bill (by up to 75%) and your home may qualify for no-money-upfront Solar Panel Installation. Fill out the form on our homepage today for more information and a Free RI Solar Analysis.


By taking advantage of the various funding and financing options available in Rhode Island, homeowners and businesses can make the switch to clean energy and start reaping the benefits of solar PV systems. At Rhode Island Solar Panels we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex landscape of solar incentives and financing, and provide expert guidance and support throughout the process.

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